Glow Boxing: Get Fit Without Getting Hit

Why should I go for a boxing session… in the dark? This could be an interesting question if you have heard about glow boxing. Today, a number of fitness clubs in brussels, such as GOBOX, set their members’ workouts in the dark or even dimly-lit spaces. Apart from boxing in the dark, several other activities, such as candlelit yoga and dark spinning classes for example, are held with little light or “other” kinds of lighting. Your main concern here could be that you may punch another person instead of a punching bag or whack your head on the wall. However, you don’t need to worry because it doesn’t have to be totally dark for you to get the benefits of boxing in the dark. Of course, some light is needed to ensure that you are safe. Now that you know you won’t get hit as you enjoy glow boxing, what are the benefits of boxing in the dark?

Following are the top benefits of boxing in the dark:

  1. Focus on what matters

One thing we can all agree on is that boxing is not really a team sport. It is primarily a personal activity, where you have to focus on reaching and attaining your potential. The dark motivates you to focus on how your individual practice feels as opposed to what any other person in the fitness club is doing. Harsh studio lights don’t create a vibe for an individual, and one can get distracted easily. Dim lights force your eyes’ pupils to dilate and compel you to focus keenly on what you are doing and your punching bag. Consequently, your predator instincts will kick in.

  1. Be yourself & let loose

Well, some of us are shy and would be intimidated to work in the glare of everyone else. Dark fitness clubs, such as GOBOX, make all visitors feel at ease. You will get energized working with a group of similar individuals during your session without feel judged or intimidated by stares. GOBOX, with it’s electric lighting allows you to not only feel comfortable but motivated while working out with others seeking to reap the best from boxing.

  1. Get fit without getting hit

What do you do when you want to have a better mood? You close your eyes in an attempt to forget about everything and focus on what makes you happy. In the same way, the darkness, lights and the music at GOBOX, is meant to provide both a mental and physical escape. The space allows you to have an incredible workout and help you get rid of any form of mental run-around. You will focus less on the difficulty of the workout and instead the parts you enjoy like the music & light effects, leading to a more empowering workout.

What is the benefit of music in a fitness club?

As already mentioned, in addition to having darker workout spaces, one thing that our boxing club GOBOX will never miss is music. So, what is the benefit of music in our boxing club?

We all love a space that is filled with creativity where we can express ourselves and what we feel. Whenever your mood is low, you will probably play some cool music to promote your mood. It is the same case at our fitness club; music helps set in enthusiasm. The upbeat music at GOBOX increases fun as you work out. Additionally, music stimulates your mind and makes boxing more approachable. Who wouldn’t want to go back to such an environment any time their mood is down or each time they want to have fun while working out. Working out doesn’t need to be only a serious affair.  We all want to have a fun-filled experience whenever we are working out in a fitness club, and the concept of glow boxing allows you to do just that.


There you have it! These are the benefits of boxing in the dark. Thankfully, your safety is guaranteed because you won’t have to work out in pitch darkness. There will be electric lighting to ensure your safety and motivation while you receive the benefits of boxing in the dark. What are you waiting for? We look forward to seeing you at GOBOX!