10 Reasons Why Boxing Is One Of The Best Fitness Activities

Do you just think of boxing as a sport that has produced big names like Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson? It is time you knew that boxing is more than just a sport; it is one of the best fitness activities. Thankfully, you don’t have to be hurt in a boxing match to benefit from boxing. You can hone these skills at a boxing club, such as GOBOX. Following are the 10 reasons why boxing is one of the best fitness activities:

  1. Tones your muscles

Boxing is one of the surest workouts to help build your muscles. When you throw those punches at an aqua bag like one found at GOBOX, several muscles in your body will be pressurized. Boxing sessions at our boxing club allows you to arouse muscle fibers, some of which you have never used before because traditional workouts often neglect fast-twitch muscle fibers. As a result, you will experience an explosion and strength you have never had before.

  1. Promotes cardiovascular health

Cardio exercises are the way to go if you want to lose weight and promote your heart and lung health. Boxing is a great cardio exercise because it engages your lower and upper body, and it trains endurance and strength more effectively than several workouts available today. When you go box with us, you begin with cardio body weight routines combined with fast-paced repetition of punching and striking techniques that promote anaerobic and aerobic respiration.

  1. Weight loss and athletic body

Boxing is a high-intensity workout, meaning that a few days in a boxing club, such as GOBOX, you will begin to burn fat and lean out. It is estimated that our 50 mins boxing session will help you burn up to 800 calories. This is massive! You will build lean muscle in the process, making you look extra ripped and cut. Combine boxing with a proper diet, and soon you will enjoy significant weight loss and an athletic physique.

  1. Promotes peace of mind

We live in a crazy world with some dangerous people around. Today, you can never be too careful. Learning to throw a punch at your enemy is good for self-defense. Honing your skills at a boxing club like GOBOX will promote your peace of mind because you can defend yourself against bullies.

  1. Trains self-discipline

Even if you are just boxing for fitness, the workout teaches you self-discipline. When you attend our fitness classes, you follow a program where the exercises need to be done safely with our professional coaches correcting you and ensuring that you are on the right track. You can apply the self-discipline you learn when you go box, elsewhere in your life.

  1. Promotes endurance

To last the entire boxing period, you need to have stamina. Most boxing workouts are intense, with an extremely short break. This enhances your lung capacity enabling you to work out longer and shortens the time you need to recover.

  1. Several different exercises

When you visit GOBOX, you will realize there are many workouts within each class for you. Each routine lasts 1 minute long. There are also 6 different classes depending on your personal goals. Therefore, you will never lose interest in boxing.

  1. Stress relief

Punching things with a lot of intensity is among the best ways to get rid of stress. Many people tend to pick boxing because of its positive impact on mental health. If you had a stressful day at work, visit the nearest boxing club and you’re sure to let off steam.

  1. Enhances coordination

At GOBOX, we help you throw those punches precisely. This contributes not only to your hand-eye coordination but also the coordination of your whole body.

  1. Engages the entire body

Many people think that you just throw punches with your arms. However, when you learn the proper punching technique, you will realize that you need to use your entire body to throw a punch including your core / abdominals. Therefore, when you join our classes, you’re sure to get a full-body workout.

Final Thought

Now you see! Boxing is one of the most complete sports ever that will guarantee you enjoy significant benefits.  Any questions?  Reach out to hello@gobox.be.